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First video is here!

remind me to update the twitter list with all of the cast at some point

Bernie Tumbles: Quick answers to some questions about Emma Approved


Hey Everyone,

Glad a lot of you have checked out the show already. Things are still frenetic and we’re still scrambling on the show and building the world out. So far I think we’re doing great and I am pretty happy with the overall response thus far.

Right now the entire story of Emma Woodhouse…

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I’ll be giving more behind the scenes peeks as the weeks go on, but I wanted to let you all know that I’ve made the secret Pinterest board I used during pre-production to help draw together inspiration and ideas public.  I don’t alway use Pinterest for research, but for this project, it was essential.

I spent a lot of time trying to channel Emma’s style — luxurious, but young; bold and bright, but not brash or tacky; modern without question, but with some very traditional touches.  I hope I was able to strike that balance.

You guys might also be interested in the evidence of my slightly neurotic effort to find a color palate I was happy with.  I’m really happy with what we ended up with, but as Adam Levermore, art director for Emma Approved (who I can’t thank enough!!!), can attest, I was REALLY nervous about going with such a bright color.  We stood in the paint department at Home Depot much longer than was strictly necessary, mostly because I couldn’t entirely commit.  Bold colors can either be awesome or awful and as we really were only going to get one shot at the right thing, I got … twitchy.

Anyway, more behind the scenes to come on Emma Approved.  And also some content I promised for LBD behind the scenes forever ago.  I attempted to post the same, extraordinary long Bennet family bookshelf post  three times and it kept not posting, so I gave up, but there is at least the idea of one brewing.

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It’s today.

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Bernie Tumbles: Emma Approved: some quick thoughts


Hello Everyone,

Emma Approved launches in a few hours and I just wanted to reflect on a few things. There is a lot of anticipation for this series and it’s a lot of … things. It’s exciting, inspiring, motivating, and at times a bit overwhelming. It’s okay, I am fine. The LBD experience has helped…

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A #latergram from the set of @emmaapproved.
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I hope at least one character in Emma Approved has a STEM related job. I would love to see an engineer. 

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It looks like there are several accounts in the EA universe that have been suspended, and I’m guessing it’s something to do with the fact that so many of them were made at one time (similar to what happened with Sanditon). Once they’re back up I’ll add them to the twitter list.

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